If you live in or around Canberra A.C.T and seeking a tree service, consider us for all your tree care needs. Our expert Arborists are experienced at managing the tree care needs you may have. Whether you desire a tree trimmed, removed, pruned or cut we can help. We also provide stump removal services utilising equipment and the most advanced equipment. If you’re in need of tree removal Canberra, take action and talk to our staff that is professional.

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About Us

We Are A Group Of Professional Arborists in Canberra

Bear in mind, your trees can be saved through tree maintenance procedures or trimming and pruning, as long as problems or diseases are detected quickly. We’re professional tree experts servicing Canberra’s city and it’s surrounding areas such as Queanbeyan, NSW.

However, if there is a tree damaged beyond repair we recommend tree removal. This is to prevent injury or property damage if a tree falls on your house unannounced. Incase of tree removal, our staff utilises state of the art equipment to get the job done safely and swiftly. Irrespective of the season, you can rest assured that our staff will respond to your call and give you the best possible service.

Our experienced Tree Surgeons Canberra have handled all sorts of projects. For all of us, no job is large or small if trees are involved. Because we care about the results our customers get, we only have trained and certified Arborists in our team. If you’re searching to tree services around Canberra, we might be a fantastic fit!

Tree removal Canberra
Tree removal Canberra

Tree Removal Canberra Services

Tree Removal

At Expert Arborists, we prefer to keep a tree and trim it appropriately. However sometimes a tree needs to be removed, especially to keep your family and property safe.

Tree Trimming

Proper tree trimming and pruning is just as necessary as a removal. It is essential for a tree’s overall health and aesthetic and our team of professional Arborists can help

Tree Pruning

When trees or greenery aren’t pruned or taken care of properly they can get come back to haunt you. Properly pruned trees can look beautiful and add value to your property.

Tree Services

We are not just tree removal experts! Our team provide a wide range of Tree Services around Canberra. You can learn more about what we do by clicking here.


After tree removal, the stumps left behind are not only hideous but they are a danger to you and others. Therefore, removing stumps from your property is important for safety. 


At Expert Arborists we love trees! Our team are fully trained Tree Surgeons and will make sure that the utmost care is taken to maintain the health and wellbeing of your trees.

Tree removal Canberra

Expert Arborists Canberra

For us here at Expert Arborists – Tree Removal Canberra it's all about treating our clients with respect and performing the job that is required. Our team will never leave a job when we are not totally satisfied and always put our customers first. We offer the best deals in the A.C.T (Australian Capital Territory) and we have an excellent history and reputation in the community.

As Arborists we work hard to complete the task in time and in good spirits. You are most welcome to contact our tree support team today to get your free estimate or complete the form on this page to receive a no-obligation tree care quote.

Our Canberra Tree Services

The Benefits of most tree services will ensure your trees are healthy and cut into shape nicely. If you're looking to increase the aesthetic appeal of your garden, then consider tree care services like trimming and pruning. These practises help remove branches preserving your tree's health.

In addition, a tree service can improve the curb appeal of your property. Trimming and pruning your trees professionally can add a lot of value to your home. If you are looking to improve the look of your garden, you may need to consider hiring a tree company in Canberra to sort your needs.

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Tree Removal Canberra

Tree removal is a complex and dangerous process that should only be handled by professionals. Attempting to remove fallen or unstable trees from your property is a threat that you should not take. Homeowners who have attempted to remove trees on their own have either injured themselves or often left frustrated by the task.

We offer tree removal Canberra services so long as you reside in the Australian Capital Territory or surrounding areas such as Queanbeyan in NSW. We’ve served many residents with tree removal needs for several years and can tell you that no job is big or small for us. In addition, we offer emergency tree removal solutions to respond to those affected by storms or other natural disasters. Our group of tree care specialists are ready to serve your tree removal needs.

Pruning Of Trees

Most arborists have recommended pruning based on seasons to take advantage of tree growth cycles. Additionally, every tree species may require different pruning methods. If you are looking to have your trees pruned, ensure you hire specialists with years of expertise for the best results. Our arborists use the perfect tools to ensure without making mistakes, your trees are pruned. Don’t harm your trees by using improper tools, get in touch with us for a free consultation of which tools to use best for pruning.

Tree Trimming Canberra

Trimming of trees is an essential practise that enhances the life of your tree.

Trimming helps keep your trees healthy by removing branches. Additionally, trimming can lower the size of your tree canopy to promote fair distribution of sunlight across the branches. However, that is not all, trimming helps safeguard your property and electricity lines incase the branches of your tree grow out of proportion. As stated earlier, trimming is a vital practise that promotes the overall health of your tree. Therefore, many individuals risk damaging the health of their trees by attempting to trim trees by themselves.

We recommend you hire a professional arborist if you want the best results. The best practises will be followed by us.

Stump Removal Canberra

After tree removal, the stump that stays behind can create a trip hazard for your family members or acquaintances. It also looks rather ugly. Stump removal makes sense because of these two reasons. Your best bet is to hire a tree removal Canberra expert to handle this task on your behalf. Most tree businesses now remove stumps using a method called stump grinding.

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Tree Removal Canberra

Why Choose Us?

1. Experience

Our team of arborists are experienced in dealing with all your tree care needs. We’ve served the residents of Canberra, for many years and can proudly say we know their needs and desires.

We’re a tree care company that is locally owned and operated. Any time you call us to remove, prune, trim, cut, or remove a stump then you’re currently supporting one of your own. Since we’re a local business, we understand the needs of the residents of Canberra.

2. Inexpensive

We provide tree care services at an affordable cost without compromising on quality. Make a point to contact us if you are searching for a tree removal company in Canberra.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Trees are a vital part of our environment. They have plenty of benefits for our ecosystem. You cannot think with no conversation about trees about sustaining your environment.

Without proper care and maintenance, trees are susceptible to disease and eventually death. Pruning is the key to improving the health, shape, and size of your tree. Whatever tree service you are looking for, let our professional Tree Surgeons Canberra help you out.

4. We are the Tree maintenance Professionals

We have a seasoned team of arborists working hand in hand to ensure your trees are flourishing in the Canberra region. Whether it’s pruning, trimming, or Canberra tree removal solutions, you can rely on us to do a thorough job.

We can help eliminate trees from your home. Do not let trees that are dead or diseased cause injury or damage property because of inaction. Contact our tree removal team, and we’ll be delighted to provide a quick solution to you. Contact our Canberra Arborists now and we’ll send a complimentary consultation.

Professional Tree Removal Canberra Services.

The Importance of Selecting Professional Tree Removal Canberra Services.

If you are planning to remove trees it is highly advised that you seek professional tree services. A professional tree removal company will have the professional tools to do the job. So that you should not do a DIY tree removal as it can cause injury because of lack of proper tools. With our solutions, you do not need to think about the mammoth task of removing large trees from your home.

We have equipment, experience and the necessary training to remove trees from your yard safely, fast and efficiently. Don’t put that of your household and your own life in danger because of problematic trees. By working with a team that is tried and tested in Canberra and its surrounding 20 kilometres, we’ll keep you away from potential injuries. Tell us your tree removal needs and we will send you a customised quote for free.

Only an experienced tree expert can remove trees in the right way. If you attempt to remove a tree you’re most likely to get results that are undesirable. Our tree services in Canberra guarantees tree removal since we use superior equipment, and our staff is experienced and highly trained.

Of course, complete tree removal also entails stump removal Canberra. Using stump grinding technology, we do not remove trees and leave stumps as they can be a safety hazard and a nuisance. Trust our team. We are a full-service tree removal company in Canberra that’s ready to fix your trees problems. Get in touch with us for a quick consultation.

A tree support team should provide professional clean up services after removing trees out of your home. As soon as you employ our Canberra Australia tree services, we’ll clean up your yard and only leave when the area is neat and tidy. This means that after we’re done, there won’t be any trunks or any branches on your compound.

Plus, if you need to use the cut trees as firewood, we’ve a machine that could chop the branches into little pieces for you. Are you looking for an experienced tree removal services that won’t leave your home in mess? Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Most tree services have equipment and processes to remove trees from your compound. Trying to remove trees on your own is unsafe and can cause serious injury. Using a professional tree service in Canberra  that removes a tree economically and fast and is the best way to reduce injuries.

Moreover, tree care methods such as trimming and pruning require the use of equipment and tools. Whatever tree care needs you may have, we think we can resolve them. We’re a tree service in Canberra with a history of delivering projects on time. Because we use high caliber equipment and our staff is highly experienced and skilled we achieve such outstanding results.

Another importance of tree solutions is landscape maintenance. You can enhance the look of trimming your trees to the desired shape and landscaping by pruning. Only a tree specialist has the expertise, skill, and equipment to maintain your landscaping. Our mission is to make your house safe and appealing using our assortment of tree services. Do you want to boost the outlook of your landscape? Contact us to learn more about how we can improve your landscape.

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How to hire tree removal Canberra services.

Trees will increase the value and make the environment beautiful of your house. If you’re searching for a tree service that will improve your property’s value, choose your provider wisely. But making the right call is not a walk in the park as there are loads of cowboy contractors out there. Doing your due diligence is therefore critical when it comes to selecting a tree service. Here are simple tips that will help you decide on the ideal tree service.

Evaluate the risk

The procedure for tree removal in Canberra involves a lot of risk, so only work with insured, and experienced professionals. By employing a company without all the attributes mentioned, you take chances. It’s much better to pay higher fees and have a tree removed safely and professionally than putting your life in danger just to save a bit of money. Safety and your life are important.

Is the Company I am considering a professional tree removal company?

When homeowners need to eliminate trees that are problematic in their garden, they will get online and get any service they encounter. That’s not the right approach when looking for tree services, since if you are not careful, you might end up with a dodgy business. Many guys shouldn’t be trusted to carry out risky work like tree removal. Tree removal’s practice entails a lot of risk-taking, so you want to work with a company that’s licensed and insured.

Are security standards adhered to by the company?

Tree removal may be a dangerous and complicated process if you try to do it. Without experience, expertise and the tools, it may be challenging to get rid of a large tree from your property. An ideal tree service should possess all of the safety equipment and gear required to remove trees from your home safely. Furthermore, without using high quality gear, then the process will be frustrating and slow. So select a tree removal Canberra service with the right equipment.

The price

Cost is probably the first thing you think about when searching for a tree service. If you would like to get to find the price that’s best for you, doing some cost comparison research is recommended. Obviously, you have a budget that you want to stick to, so you need to search for products that you can afford. However, our services are priced affordably and we deliver quality outcomes each and every time. Our goal is to serve Canberra residents the best way possible.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Your tree is probably dead if it’s:
  • Discoloured leaves
  • Few leaves
  • Brittle bark
  • Limbs or branches that fall of easily
  • Dry branches and limbs
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Trees die due to a host of factors.

The death of your Tree could be due to these factors:

  • Disease
  • Overcrowding (or trees planted close to each other)
  • Poor soil
  • Drought
  • Storms

If you have any dead trees around your home, do not put your life or that of your family at risk. Our tree service in Canberra, Australia, can come to your rescue very quickly. Aside from tree removal Canberra, our tree experts can help by providing tree pruning, trimming, and maintenance services. Want trees in your dwelling? Let our specialists arborists have a chat with you. Contact us to get a totally free consultation.

These terms are usually used interchangeable, but they all mean getting rid of stumps from your garden. Stump grinding Canberra is the most effective means of removing stumps out of your yard. The great thing about this process is that after grinding all the residue is mixed with soil. Meaning the soil is enhanced somewhat rather than being degraded. If you’re looking stump grinding services in Canberra, Australia, talk to us. Typically, we can remove stumps out of your garden under one hour. Contact us to find a free quote.

Storms are likely to uproot and to harm your trees and this can cause damage to property or injuries to occupants in your home. However, you can rely on our emergency services to rescue you from your situation if the worst happens. We’ll arrive in no time.

However, you can improve the health and strength of your trees for a storm in preparation. Pruning, trimming, and other methods can be utilised to enhance the overall health and strength of your trees. Such practises can reduce the impact of storm tree damage in your home. Talk to our arborists for further information.

Maintenance includes many services, for example:
  • Tree trimming
  • Pruning of trees
  • Tree fertilization
  • Stump removal and grinding
  • Cleanout of trees
  • Tree removal
  • Planting of new trees
  • Tree maintenance

If you would like healthy trees in you garden, tree maintenance should be a regular task. We provide quality tree maintenance services and will help increase the value of your home.

Removing a diseased or dead tree requires skills, the use of appropriate equipment and experience. Before we remove a tree from your house, we will first need to:

  • Establish where the tree is situated
  • The size of your tree
  • Is the tree close to your home
  • Tree formation such as tree characteristics

We use equipment to remove trees from your house in the shortest time. Let’s understand your tree removal needs, and our staff will get back to you and get in touch. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Hiring a professional Arborist to remove or to take care of trees is vital.

The service that is ideal should have insurance and the necessary government licenses. Furthermore, a service that was top-notch should not find it hard to present one of the many projects they have done in the city of Canberra, Australia. But you should beware of fake companies which only exist to swindle you.

Just because someone claims to be a tree professional does not have to be true. The only way you can find the ideal provider is by taking the time to look into the tree services they provide. But why waste time with this? Contact us now.

So if you need any kind of tree service and are in Canberra, please contact us to get the best bargain. We’re always available for estimations and quotes. For all your tree removal Canberra, stump removal or tree cutting needs, rest assured the our tree service Australia covers you!

Getting in touch is straightforward. We respond to customer queries within a day. If you need tree services fast, call us for further discussion.

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Tree cutting

Our team have been doing this for more than 10 years. We keep the site clean and neat afterwards and will cut on a tree in record time.

Site Clearing

We do a full sweep of the area that we worked on, to satisfy our customers. We deliver on neatness and cleanliness as our owner is a bit of a perfectionist!

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